May 31, 2009

Winds of change

Doreen and flagNearly two years ago we buckled in to the Pilot and started driving west, the skyline of Calgary observed in the rear-view mirror faded off into the horizon. We headed to Vancouver for a couple of days, then made our way across the US border, this image of Doreen shows the first US flag we saw. We drove and visited our way down the coast all the way to San Diego. Soon enough we were heading east for Texas and ultimately where we would spend the next 21mths.

Sugar Land has been a great place for our family. We made a ton of good friends, had some great experiences, saw and did lots of cool Texas stuff - I wish we were staying for a while longer. But the ebb and flow of life is leading us back to Calgary again, this week the movers are packing the house up and on Friday we will be turning the ignition key in the Pilot and taking a couple of weeks to travel up through New Mexico, Colorado and points further north. Doreen will be looking for great places to setup the tent, I will be looking for great places to ride and the boys will be eager to get involved in everything.

Of course most of you already know this stuff and know how to contact us, you also know you have a place to stay when you come up to Calgary to visit us - and we hope you do.


Charley Rome said...


Good luck to you and your family!

Shaun Taylor said...

Thanks Charley. I'll look forward to seeing you on the dirt again!

aka Kathy said...

Glad we got the chance to get to know you, Doreen and the boys. If you ever need a place to stay in Dallas just let us know.

Best wished to y'all in the Great White North!

Shaun Taylor said...

The pleasure was all ours!

If you guys want to hit some big mountains you are welcome anytime (so we can return the favor). You can tell the man of the house our kitchen counter top is just the right height for stretching. ;-)