Jun 29, 2009

Day 1 BCBR


I'll try to update this everyday... try. I'm writing this as we cross over to Vancouver Island on the ferry, tethered to my iPhone. Speaking of iPhone, all the photos you see from now on will be iPhone quality. ;-)

The shot you see above is my gear ready to go, waiting for my partner Dave to swing by and grab me. We crossed the border at Aldergrove and it was fairly painless. Then we headed to stay with friends in Maple Ridge, Doreen and the boys are still there and will be heading back to Calgary in a couple of days. Registration on Day Zero was, uhmmm, a bit disorganized. Not disorganized in the sense of a complete gong show, but rather a really slow process in a tight area with a less than optimal flow. It took quite a long time to get through the registration.

Day 1 was well put together, a good starting venue with everyone in good spirits.


The course was tough for me. We raced for just over two hours putting us 6th in our category. I was slowing Dave down during the race as he's riding well and the night before we swapped out my tires to some burlier North Shore type tires that weren't riding very well for me. It took over half the race until I finally got the air pressure adjusted so the bike was riding well, prior to that I was bouncing around all over the place and sliding off all the roots and rocks.

There was some epic North Shore black diamond routes like 'Pipeline' and 'Severed' which are really 7" downhill bike sorta trails, here's a good example of that.

Here's a VeloNews write-up of day 1.

Today has us starting in Nanaimo as soon as we get off the ferry. Approx 65kms racing today. Speaking of which, I'm off to go and change into a chamois.