Jun 29, 2009

Day 2 BCBR

IMG_0994post-rideNow that... was a great day on the bike. The trail, fantastic! 33 Vancouver Island trails all linked together into an epic 70kms of technical, sweet, gnarly racing. I don't know how we placed today, I do know it was sooooo much fun.

It wasn't easy racing, after getting off the ferry we all staged right away and then went in to a 20min neutral rollout behind an RCMP escort through downtown Nanaimo. For a chunk of that I was riding behind Geoff Kabush, uhmmmm yeah there's some fast bikes on that course. As soon as the neutral rollout ended (up a long steep hill) the race was on! For the first 12mins I was pushing 337W and then it was in to the singletrack. Dave and I raced for 4:17 (I think, plus another 20mins for the neutral). I guess we'll see results this evening.

A hard day but a fantastic trail day.

Dave was riding super strong again and for some of the straight stretches he did some monster pulling while I feebly tucked in behind his draft. I'm ok with tucking in behind him though since I am 10yrs his senior and he's been racing since before I knew how to change a tire.

More to follow...

Fast forward an hour and we just got back from the BCBR meal. The day's results were up and we raced for 4:24 including neutral rollout, we moved up one spot to 5th overall in our category. Nice to know a bit of effort paid off.


cxgeezer said...

Great job, Shaun. Your love of wicked challenges is very motivating.

Stay in touch with the Texas gang.

Shaun Taylor said...

Hopefully I make it through this one. ;-)