Jun 30, 2009

Day 3 BCBR

Wow! The singletrack today was epic once again. If you've never ridden in the BCBR trail footprint it's hard to explain how technically difficult some of the sections are. Here's some examples... At several point today I pounded off a rock drop that would look like a very high sloping wall if you were facing it, which then led me down into a dirt chute causing me to apply both brakes and slide (with my wheels locked up) through the very steep dirt chute for upwards of 30secs the whole time making corrections with body motion or slight handlebar manipulation, slide until you get to the bottom or fall - no room for error. Or, how about a section of singletrack that went on for nearly 30mins where you were making course corrections every couple of seconds, sometimes corrections were required every 6-12 inches, and I'm not talking subtle corrections but big 90-120 degree corrections. Nearly all of the singletrack riding required 100% focus, all the time, or the ramifications weren't good. We saw some blood out there today. I know of one section in particular where I was tearing down some sweet steep rocky and rooty stuff for several minutes with Dave right behind me and every 10-20 seconds I would mentally repeat to myself "Focus, just stay focused".

Big adrenalin day.

Just like the last two days of racing I pushed super hard and got some more personal bests for wattage. Dave is still making me suffer but he's bringing out the best in me. For quite a while out there my drool drip rate was higher than my sweat drip rate, seriously, drool and lots of it.

We aren't sure of the results yet as we headed straight from the finish line to catch two ferry's and do some driving to the next staging area. We think we raced for approx 3:45 lots of hard wattage, I had a 30min avg of 260 watts and and overall race avg of 227 watts. It felt pretty hard after the last two days.

It would be nice if we moved up another spot but there's some freakin' fast racers here, and not just fast but really talented technical riders. I suppose it's good we are struggling to beat some of these guys, anything that comes easy was never hard enough.

Today we had a couple of incidents, after chasing down a rider in front of me for a few minutes and catching up to him as we rode on to a 3-4 foot elevated wooden structure, he panicked and unclipped and just stood in the middle of the 12" wooden plank. I attempted a brake stand and balance which didn't work out and had to dive off the plank, unclipping in mid-air and landed on my bad shoulder (luckily not on a bunch of logs but on a nice loamy/mossy grass area), the guy didn't even look back, instead he just jumped on his bike and rode off. It took me another 10mins to chase him down and when I managed to get up to him he wouldn't look me in the eye. Passing him in a blaze of singletrack would have to do. Dave took a bad spill in an off camber, elevated rocky section and smashed his knee but he managed to shake it off, it could have been bad. Dave did some more monster pulling today while I just tucked in and got a break from the wind, thank you Dave (even though at one point heading up the 40min relentless non-stop forestry road climb I wasn't thanking you).

Funniest thing seen today while waiting to load on the first ferry to Powell River was this dog standing in the back of a Toyota 4Runner. 220lbs and the biggest dog head I've ever seen, real circus attraction kind of big. Check out the drool. ;-)


And here's the view we had sitting inside the rental minivan on the second ferry, not so bad.


Day 4 tomorrow. 5300' of climbing today and 6000' of climbing tomorrow, what goes up must come down. Bring on the drool.