Jun 20, 2009

Durango and Mesa Verde

After leaving Taos we hit the road for Durango. Noticeably cooler temps greeted us which was refreshing after the desert heat. Our campsite at the Durango KOA East was great, the facilities clean and well organized, they had movie nights and a family vibe.


Doreen would run or ride every morning and I would ride every day. More on the riding in a later post.

Durango is a cool town, it reminds me of Canmore a little bit, the same kind of vibe; mountain culture, healthy outdoor pursuits, lots of bike racks on cars, fit looking residents. The town has character, take the Durango Diner for example, it's a classic greasy spoon mom and pop diner. Good service, good diner food, good vibe. I could see myself getting breakfast there on a regular basis.


Mostly we ate at the campsite but for other food we hit Carver's Brewery (good food, good beer) and Sushitarian (high quality sushi, a bit expensive) and Ska Brewery (good beer, mediocre food). I made several attempts at coffee around town and the only drinkable one was Durango Joe's next to the Walmart on the edge of town. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. Coming from a coffee snob that's gotta mean something.

Here's a good shot of Keegan against a wall, on a typical downtown street corner. The other image is a fantastic limited edition seasonal Belgian beer at Ska Brewery, there were only four bottles left so by the time you read this they will all be gone. ;-)


Hanging out in the sun on Ska's patio was a nice way to spend an hour.


I have more images of Durango laying around but they are on my iPhone and I've yet to process them, so till then I'm moving right along to Mesa Verde.

Wow, a cool UNESCO World Heritage site Mesa Verde is worth half a day, at least. Rather than re-telling the history of Mesa Verde you can click on the link to learn more. I'm going to stick to something easier like posting images.









DSC_3051upladderI could have easily spent an entire day at Mesa Verde, shooting all the different angles and light. The late desert sun on the rock formations was amazing.

This last image shows the family squeezing up between the tight rock exit moving out of the Cliff Palace area, along with associated wooden ladders (you'll have to look really close to see the ladder). The boys did really good, I managed Keegan and Doreen managed Evan. At one point on a particularly exposed drop-off I heard Evan say "mom you're hurting my hand", I'm sure Doreen wasn't scared of the height exposure she was probably just being extra careful not to let Evan go. ;-)

After Mesa Verde we headed on to Cortez for dinner, we got back to Durango late that night and pretty much hopped straight into the sleeping bags.

I have a lot more to say about Durango and area (particularly the riding) but I'm all out of time. Till next time.


John F said...

I see in the first pic that Pico is very happy you packed away that torturous self filling water thingy and took along the standard issue "dog bowl" instead. Happy Pico. ;)

You guys look to be having a blast!!

Shaun Taylor said...

Pico still twitches in her sleep from that self-filling water feeder.

Durango was very cool, but you already know that. Hurry up and get a place there.