Jun 25, 2009

Random shots

Here's some images that got processed but didn't get thrown into a cohesive blog post, so enjoy this non-cohesive, all over the ice style. ;-)

Passing through Silverton.


DSC_3057ColoradoBoyGreat beer at this brewhouse in Ridgeway, which is approx 15mins past Ouray, Colorado. This was my last beer of the trip as I decided to go on my mandatory "I'm not drinking another beer until after such and such race is finished". In this case my next beer will be after BCBR which is finished in early July. It's a crazy little tradition, don't ask.

Luckily the beer was fantastic, a cask Porter that just blew me away. The brewhouse is called Colorado Boy and I can easily vouch for them, if you are in the area it is a must stop.


Sitting on the deck at a restaurant in Ridgeway.


I woke up in Fruita, grabbed the camera and shot this image while still laying in my sleeping bag. Not a bad tent view.


Start of the Kokopelli Trail.



Yes that is a pour over coffee in the foreground with a stick I grabbed off the ground to use as a stirrer. And yes one of these images is shot with my Nikon and the other is shot with the iPhone, you guess which one. More importantly, in the background you can see the sausage I had cooking over the campfire, not just any sausage... it is Boulder Sausage.

Ahhhhh, Boulder Sausage, truly a great product. We tried a few of their styles including the Beer Sausage, Cheese Sausage and the Merlot. Yummo!

A shot in Fruita.


Evan doing a cartwheel on the stage at Ska Brewery in Durango.


Ouray Hot Springs.


Hope you enjoyed the random picture fun.