Jun 10, 2009

Santa Fe architecture


This city has history. Not the European kind of history where you can stand next to a 1000yr old tavern, but by N. American standards Santa Fe has a lot of history. At least 400yrs of established city history. Take this historical building, by all local accounts it's the oldest house in the United States (thought Wiki would argue that).


Next to the De Vargas house you find San Miguel Church, the sign tells the tale.



DSC_2918spiralWe also visited the 'mysterious spiral staircase' at the Loretto Chapel, well worth the visit if you take the time to appreciate it. Here's a little info about it.

The light in the Chapel was really nice and I walked around trying to capture some of the natural beauty that's available if you take the time to really look for it.

I particularly like the two images below. The stained glass contrasting with the lantern light came about by shooting a fast shutter thus reducing the available light. The staircase reflection is my favorite with the light streaming through the stained glass and highlighting the deep character of the wood, it really is beautiful to my eye.

I took quite a few images that day, choosing light as my theme, I enjoy working with light and how it impacts the feel of a scene. The architecture, colors and light of Santa Fe were a lot of fun to shoot. The natural adobe and the light really gives out a lot of warmth, it was an fun photography day.


We ate at some great hole in the wall restaurants pulled off Yelp, or Tripadvisor, or local recommendation. Some of the notables were La Choza, Cafe Castro and Bobcat Bite. Seriously, Bobcat's might be the best hamburger I've ever had in a restaurant - ever. 10oz of organic beef, cheese and green chile, this iPhone shot doesn't even come close to showing how good it was.


Santa Fe is a cool town and worth a visit if you are in New Mexico. After three days it was time to pack up and so we took the High Road to Taos, along the way we saw views like this...


And this...


We are in Taos for three days and we've already eaten some of the best pizza I've ever had on the road and I'm sure there's more good stuff in store - including some riding. Speaking of riding, I'll put up a separate post about the riding in Santa Fe in a little while.

Till then...


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Great post. I went to Cafe Castro too, it was great: