I know I should have posted up sooner than this to talk about results from Worlds, how the event went and some bonus deep meaningful thoughts and such. I told myself a few days ago that I'd let the event sink in to my consciousness to fully appreciate what happened on the weekend. Today seems like a good day to post up a detailed outline of what's what but right now it's sunny outside and a coffee at the park with the boys seems more appealing. So I'll leave you with this...

I like this jersey!

DSC_3321If you find bike stuff boring (because you've never owned one and/or you live on the planet Mars) here's some shots of the boys (non-bike related) in the green space behind the house. Evan was kicking a little feathered hacky-sack type contraption that we picked up while traveling in Vietnam a couple of years ago.

Doreen convinced me I should stop taking photos and join them, which I did, shortly after the convincing she spent most of her time laying down in the grass. How did that happen?

Jedi mind trick.

"I am going to lay on the grass. You will continue to try and kick this little feathered object regardless of what the neighbors think, even if your legs still feel like they are out on the race course. I am Jedi master Doreen, move along, there's nothing to see here."