Jul 3, 2009

Day 6 BCBR

Day 6, done. We had a solid start, pounding it for some fairly high wattage which put us up with the category leaders. Overall the day was much better than yesterday.

Squamish has lots of climbing and lots of gnarly technical singletrack, lots. After today I heard some of the notable racers say things like "I think I'm going to spend more time in the gym after this event". Upper body strength... required, mark it down.

We were shredding things up and swooping everything, nothing was fazing us and we were reeling racers in, and then, I went off a 6' bridge did a face plant with the bike landing on top of me. As I was standing up and pulling the dirt out from under my sunglasses (so I could see) I looked up at the bridge with Dave standing on it and I just shook my head. Four or five guys got past us before I climbed back up and got back on the bike, it took me about 10-15mins to get back in the groove again as I tried to shake out the adrenalin and the fuzziness in my head. Standing up out of the saddle hurt my ribs and that continued for the rest of the race. I was super irritated with myself for making that mistake but at the speeds we were attacking the course it's gonna happen eventually. We lost a few minutes for sure, I hope it didn't affect our results.

Speaking of results, we have no idea how we did though we did pass some of the teams who are ahead of us in the results, we're hoping 4th place after 3:34 of racing. What hurt (besides the face plant and ribs) was the 20min at 300 watts as soon as the neutral finished and things lit up.

We're just entering Whistler right now, heading for the hotel. More to follow...

Just saw the results online and yup, we got 4th today. Tomorrow we have to squeeze 4mins out of the team in front of us to move up another spot in the GC. Let the squeeze begin.