BCBR 2010How good are the trails?

Good enough that we are going to do it again. I just registered a two man spot for Dave and I for next year's event. It's hard to explain how excellent the riding is out there, unless you've been on the trails it just won't make sense. Next year I'll morph my trg over to be firing on cross-country racing cylinders. That... will be fun!

If you are reading this and don't believe the trails can be that good/challenging, pull the trigger you slackers, come out and see if you've got the parts to do it.

Speaking of trails, Doreen is out in Kananaskis Country hitting some dirt so I went for an adventure walk with the boys down to the river and on some of the mtb trails just behind the house. The trails are looking a bit rough in spots but I'll sort them out. Here's a video of me trying to hurry along 'I'd like to pick some flowers' Keegan just before the impending rain front hit us.