Jul 22, 2009

I want to ride

World Solo 24 Hour Championships = Less than three days.


What exactly does that 1,440 maniacal minutes mean?


Pronunciation: \mə-ˈnī-ə-kəl\
Variant(s): also ma·ni·ac
Function: adjective
Date: 1526

1 : affected with or suggestive of madness (maniacal laughter)
2 : characterized by ungovernable excitement or frenzy : frantic (a maniacal mob)

Well, if I had to pick #1 or #2 from the above definition I suppose I would have to chose both. ;-)

This is the hardest time for me, the few days before an event like this. The riding is pretty much done, the mindset is in place, I'm ready to go now. Currently I have a chain-mail gloved fist hovering over a large glowing "GO!" button and all I want to do is hammer it hard enough that the button smashes into 100 pieces.

As William Shakespeare wrote... "Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war".

Or, in the words of Supermarionation:

It's a go.

I went out for a ride with Evan and Keegan this afternoon, before heading out for a 2.5hr ride with Iain. Sometimes Evan completely out-rides his 5yr old body, he thinks he can pitch himself into any steep section that he sees me do. He rides at a really high level, for his age, but today didn't work out so well. Only 2mins into the family ride and he punched straight down a tricky little section and went out of sight, the next thing I heard was the wailing.

By the time I got the bike pulled off him he was crying pretty hard, this video is after he'd settled down and his ear was starting to swell up. He's a tough kid and a few minutes after I shot this with the iPhone he was standing up out of the saddle and punching it up the hills smiling while he pulled away from Keegan and I. He really has a great competitive spirit and is tough as nails.