The boys like ice cream. The video tells the whole story.

On a bike related note, three of us went for a ride yesterday evening. We were off to do Moose Mountain (or Moosepackers depending on who you talk to), meeting at the Sulphur Flats parking lot. There is a pile of new trail in there and as I understand a large part of that is due to the efforts of the Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance (CMBA) who can be found here.

The new trail is sweet, a ton of climbing to get to the top where you hook up with Race of Spades, which is in excellent condition and is ripping fast with lots of wooden structure to go over (or not). Expect to do the whole thing in approx 90mins if you are riding fairly fast (not race pace). If you are going out for a casual ride, though I'm not sure the new trail can be considered casual at any pace, you might be looking at 2 or 2.5hrs of riding. There's a lot of climbing in a condensed area and overall you are looking at approx 2300-2500' of vert gain.

For the visually inclined, here are a couple of images that might help.



A super fun trail in great condition, highly recommended!


RichardL said...

Just came across your posting and link to As VP of CMBA, I appreciated the mention and encourage you and the kids to come out and join us on one of trail building days.