Jul 23, 2009

Pit number for Worlds

I've been assigned my pit number for Worlds, are you ready for it? Drum roll please... #44.

If a person were to go digging around they would find fascinating details like this:


Now that I've provided the free education you can skip work early and head out to Canmore this weekend to drop by old double-four ranch, Doreen and George will be manning the home front, I roasted up some 'World Solo Blend' coffee yesterday which should be mighty tasty on Sat/Sun and if you hang out at 44-Central long enough you will get to see me covered in one of the following:

a) Drool
b) Sweat
c) Snot
d) Mud
e) Blood
f) Chain grease
g) All of the above

If you can't make it to Bunker 44 you can follow the action at Twenty4 Live. For people who don't know to click the gray text which will take you to Twenty4 Live, you can type it in yourself, here you go:


It's a great looking site and it should be a fun way to follow the action. Speaking of action, I'm off to go sharpen a battleaxe. ;-)



fuzz said...

Wish I could make it down to pit 44, but unfortunately Austin is a great deal away! Best of luck to you and Ian tomorrow... go out and kill it!

Shaun Taylor said...

Thx Fuzz, it's aaawwwwnnnnnnnnnn for tomorrow. Iain is gonna nail it as well.


The Squamish Dude said...

Good luck in your race, glad to see your enjoying it! Eventually I'll run into you at one of these....

Shaun Taylor said...

Thx Kelly, maybe next year at BCBR? I'm signed up already, you should go for it.