Jul 18, 2009

Riding in Canmore

I headed out for a ride on the Nordic Center trails yesterday evening, looking to get in some elevation gain and hop on the Worlds course. At least half the course is flagged now which made things easy. Here are a couple of video's showing some of it.

Keep in mind, I shot this with the iPhone in one hand and steering with the other so it's not very steady and I couldn't really film any of the technical descent sections with one hand, but I'd sure like to meet the person who can. ;-)

Sorry about the poor quality of the wattage display, it was super hard to climb with one hand, and watch the iPhone screen in the other hand, all the while moving around on the roots and rocks on the climb. I just isolated the data in WKO+ and it was approx 340W avg for 2mins.

This morning we went for a hike on the sunny side of town. You can't buy a bad view around here. This one is looking across the valley towards the Nordic Center (the round open patch of ground halfway up the green slope.)


Keegan showing the proper technique of how to hang on to a Hot Wheels car and hydrate.


This one's funny (to me) showing the boys standing on a dirt mound from a fallen tree. I asked them to give me a pose... I believe Evan is adopting his Ninjitsu warrior stance, while Keegan is a bird? Maybe a plane? Maybe an arrowhead, only Keegan knows.


Taking another look at the above iPhone image it's obvious Doreen dressed the boys this morning. ;-)


John F said...

I think Keegan was just undecided on if he was going to be a jet fighter or do his Chuck Liddell post fight pose and you snapped it too soon.

And it's obvious they are both bored anyway because you never take them anywhere. ;)

Shaun Taylor said...

Haha, another two seconds and he would have made the forearm X. Chuck is probably sweating bullets right now.