Jul 24, 2009

T minus 1

We all headed up to the race course this morning so I could register. Lots of nice swag, including a cool looking mechanic's shirt.

The boys got to wander around checking out all the cool stuff, they like bike races, at least that's what they tell me. They are pretty used to asking "Dad, how many days is this race? Are you going to be gone all day? Are you going to be gone all night?"

That's normal right??? ;-)

These races aren't just about racing of course. They are also an opportunity to teach the kids valuable life lessons, like how to count backwards.

Later in the afternoon Iain and I headed back up to the Nordic Center for the Solo pre-race briefing. Nothing out of the ordinary, though there were a couple of big announcements... Worlds for 2010 is in Australia, ay up mate! And of course the new multimedia initiative is now in effect at:

http://24wsc.com/ click here to follow all the action.

It sounds like they are going to have good coverage of the event through the 24wsc site, I'm also going to show Doreen how to post things up on Twitter and YouTube off my iPhone, so hopefully she will be putting things up as well.

If you've ever wondered what the pre-race briefings look like for this event, here's some quick iPhone footage of the opening remarks from Stuart Dorland.

After the briefing, Iain and I noodled around the course for an hour, it's in great condition, though that can all change in a split second with the mountain weather being the boss around here - just like last year. There's lot's of singletrack for the soloists, which makes me happy. Some of it is pretty technical, which makes me even happier.

The bikes are ready to go and I'm packed ready for the move up to the pit in the morning. Currently I'm trying to settle my mind, which is doing 1 million miles per hour as I review all the things I have to do in the morning and what I'm going to do in the race. I know all of it off by heart but I still keep repeating the routine in my head - is that the first signs of madness? Hahah, actually it's the sign that I have to get some sleep.

In less than 14hrs the gun will be going off and I'll finally get to start swinging the battleaxe in an event I've been planning for months. I know some people don't understand it but I'm reeeaaaalllllllyyyyy looking forward to getting the race going. I'm super curious to see what I've got in the tank after BCBR. I'm super excited to go battle a course for 24hrs. I expect good things. Cross your fingers for me and if you have a lucky rabbits foot go find it and keep it nearby over the weekend. Thx.