We just got back from throwing rocks and sticks in the river. The boys really enjoy it

For some time now I've been teaching the boys some independence in the woods and how to make decisions on their own. They like the autonomous movement and it's a good way for cause and effect to come into play on a frequent basis. Already they are moving through the bush fairly well, Evan can do a little bit of tracking and they both know you can pull a long stalk of grass out of the ground and throw it at your brother like an arrow. ;-)

I made a reference in the video above to pathfinding and I didn't mean finding a random path, I meant pathfinding as in 'Pathfinder' or Canadian Patrol Pathfinder which at the time, when I did my 70 day selection course, was considered the most brutal course in the regular army and was understood as an elite group of professionals who operated at a high level. Of course that qualification would be the helpful jumping point for later in my career when I moved over to JTF-2. And so a question I ask myself on a regular basis as I see the boys grow up is this, will either of them ever wear the white Pathfinder Torch on their shoulder?

99% of the time I hope they grow up to be Engineers just like Doreen, the route I took is a hard gig, but if they want to follow in my steps now's as good a time as any to learn some things - like getting your brother in the back of the head with a grass arrow. ;-)


John F said...

Flying grass arrows.....super sweet!

Shaun Taylor said...

In the back of the head. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's funny that both boys pull up their shorts to cross the water!

Shaun Taylor said...

Doesn't everyone. ;-)