Aug 23, 2009

Kananskis riding

Dave and I (and Oscar) headed out to Kananaskis Country this afternoon to do Moose Mountain and Race of Spades. The weather was perfect and the trails were in good condition. With Oscar along we weren't going to do an epic all-day ride so I put 3hrs of Infinit in my Ergon BD-1 and off we went.

The new trail that has been cut up the side of Moose is fantastic, it's basically an hour of climbing but the flow is so good it keeps you engaged.

Here we are at the top of one of the climbs, with Oscar in a starring role.

The riding was just fun riding with no fixed agenda for trg or pace - just go ride and enjoy the day.


Oscar cut the pads on two of his feet at some point in the ride so we had to dial it back a couple of notches on the big descents. Check out the improvised booties for his feet, Dave's socks along with some black electrical tape on one foot and the Velcro strap off my Big Air on the other foot.


On the way back to my place we stopped at a small lake so Oscar could cool off and clean up his foot pads a bit while swimming around. At the end of the swim he decided that he was done with walking and Dave had to carry a very wet Oscar back to the car.


Wet dog and riding up mountains.

A good day.