Doreen and I celebrated out 7th year anniversary this weekend by heading out towards the mountains to do some mountain biking. The last time we got to ride together in the mountains was 3yrs ago, wow! We dropped the boys off with George and Ruth (thanks!) in Red Deer on Friday and started to get organized for some perfect weather riding.

Saturday had us up at the Nordic Center in Canmore. I took Doreen out on the 24hrs Worlds Solo course for one complete lap and then a complete lap on the Team course. She hadn't seen the full course so I was happy to give her some perspective on what I had raced all day and all night. She thought it was a fun course, I agree. Here's a shot of us hanging out for a couple of minutes in a meadow with the obligatory mountains in the background pose.


I got behind Doreen with the iPhone in one hand and steering with the other, trying to capture some of the rocky climbing on the course. I guess this is why helmet cams were invented. ;-)

This footage shows a fun little swoopy section that leads on to a small wooden bridge, then over a few roots and into a hard right steep hill climb.

Ending the day heading back to the Nordic Center with a view like this isn't so bad.

It was a nice day on the trails. We quickly packed up and headed into Canmore looking for somewhere to eat and then continued on out to the Delta in Kananskis Country for the night.

After breakfast we hopped in the Pilot and headed out to Barrier Lake to do Prairie View/Jewell Pass/Stoney Trail. This trail incorporates a bunch of climbing to the top of the viewpoint overlooking Barrier Lake (where we parked) then bombs down a fast and tight technically challenging singletrack section for approx 2500'. Fun!

Sorry about the quality of the iPhone shot in to the sun, but at least you can see Barrier Lake below us. This shot was taken a few hundred feet below the highest elevation point.


Doreen did great on the technical descents and it's always a good day when no bike or body parts get bent.

Loading up the Pilot and heading back to Calgary was bittersweet, sad about leaving a fun weekend of riding but happy about heading back to see the boys and hear about all the adventures with Grandpa and Grandma.

A great weekend and hopefully it won't be another 3yrs till we hit the trails together again.


Iain said...

Ahh, memories of the World's 24 Solo race. For some reason, I think I recognize those spots. Maybe it's because I rode them 14 times :) Good stuff.

It brought a smile to my face to see you both up there again.

Shaun Taylor said...

You know what they say, memory fades with time, perhaps you should start thinking about coming back up here and doing a few more laps. ;-)

John F said...

Happy anniversary!!

Shaun Taylor said...

Thanks John.