Aug 20, 2009

Nailed it

Four days ago, the little guy was all wobbly and trying to figure out the riding without training wheels thing. Once the trg wheels came off, I took the pedals off as well so he could learn to balance. It was a good decision because his bike skills increased rapidly. Doreen had Keegan out over the last couple of days and said he was doing really well. Good news for sure.

After skipping rocks at the river this morning I took the boys out for a ride this afternoon. The idea was that I would eventually get Keegan to go down some grassy hills at a decent speed so pedaling would seem a lot easier once we got the pedals back on.

Every time Keegan did the hill I would really talk up how much fun it is to do hills with pedals. Eventually he wanted his pedals put back on so he could come back and ride the hill. We headed straight back to the house to grab the pedals.

So here's the result, Keegan's first ride without trg wheels, using pedals and completely under his own power. After this video was taken we rode all over the neighborhood for another hour, including back to the grassy hill so he could dominate it! ;-)

Now the little guy is passed out on the couch, drooling on it actually. A big day. Very cool.


John F said...

Keegan is the man!!

Shaun Taylor said...

Better than winning a 24hr!