Sep 20, 2009

K-Country riding

Saturday I hooked up with Dave C, Dave J, Dave M and Carrie to go ride up Moose Mountain and down Race of Spades. It was a beautiful weather day, probably the last perfect riding weather day for the rest of the year considering 12hrs later it dumped snow on the mountains.


All four of them were on a mix of big downhill bikes and I was on my S-Works, so for the climb up I did some hill repeats, took photos and messed around with a few things on the bike. Dave suffered while slogging up the climbs on his big Norco, always nice to watch Dave suffer. ;-)

On the way down Race of Spades I stopped to get some iPhone footage of Dave bombing over some of the man-mades.

I made a minor error in judgment while heading down the mountain, I tried to keep up to Dave on his Norco VPS big bike geometry, suspension and big wheels, my decision to chase him culminated in me clipping a tree at high speed and hitting the deck pretty hard. I have new cuts, scrapes and bruises to show for it, fortunately the bike came away unscathed.

A route that usually takes 2hrs on a fast summer ride took well over 3hrs. Luckily the views were fantastic and the trails were all ours. My plan had been to do the route twice but with ride delays and such that plan got thrown out the window so I called it a day after one loop and headed back in to town to meet up with Doreen and the boys who were at a kids b-day party. Post-ride nutrition consisted of a Guinness and b-day cake, wow.