Sep 5, 2009

Lake Minnewanka

Mountain biking all weekend, in the mountains around Canmore and Banff. Nice.

This morning we went out to Lake Minnewanka. Doreen and the boys went for a 2hr hike with Paula and Leonard and gang, I went for a couple of hours with Doug and Shelly. It's been a while since I rode it, the trail is quite easy but fun with lots of rollers. The views are amazing.


The weather was perfect and I could have stayed on the bike all day, just a whole lot of fun.

Coming off the mindset of serious trg and racing all summer and in to a period of just ride the bike for fun - is fun.


Iain said...

No training & racing, just fun rides. Sure would be nice - sigh :)

Shaun Taylor said...

Yeah, what a drag for you... riding in Durango and racing Double Boundary.

Wanna swap? ;-)