We were down at the river this afternoon. Skipping rocks and throwing sticks for Pico. The boys have a good enough arm now that she considers them interesting, only because they can throw things far enough into the river for her. Here's a shot of her focused on Evan's throwing arm.


All her life she's been a relentless field dog, she will work herself to death if there is a task in the bush. She will retrieve until there is nothing left to retrieve and even then she will go mad looking for imaginary retrievables. In the house she is a perfect pet; gentle, quiet and observant, quite a contrast to her outdoor nature. Looking at this image you would never think she likes to lay at my feet and snore. ;-)



John F said...

Pico looks so happy. She was not really a big fan of Texas.

If she only had more Mexican food while she was here it might have been a different story. ;)

Shaun Taylor said...

BBQ. It was always about the BBQ for her. ;-)