Sep 29, 2009

Strap it on

I've been using the strap below for a while now, I got it from Backcountry Research. Rock solid. Awesome.


I just got some of their newly redesigned straps this morning. The strap you see below is their new 'Alpha Niner', it's wider and has an even larger carrying capacity (somehow they have managed to fold time and space). They also added a new overlock feature which further increases security (who would have thought that was possible). The Alpha Niner has now allowed me to remove all the 'other' stuff out of my jersey pocket, it's carrying my tube, big air and tire lever, plus my multitool and the plastic bag carrying my spare SRAM quicklink, tire boot, glueless patches and a lucky rabbits foot. More Awesome.


To test the carrying capacity of the new Alpha Niner I strapped a 4 ounce cup to my Thompson seatpost, along with the necessary amount of espresso (which was a fantastic Ethiopian Lekempti I roasted seven days ago) then I free-poured some milk into the cup making a nice little rosetta. Did the strap hold up? Rock solid. Most Awesomest.

Espresso to go. Maybe I'll start carrying my tools in my jersey again and just keep the espresso cup on my seatpost. ;-)




The Squamish Dude said...

You carry tools?
How did the Bow 80 go? I heard it snowed!
Riding here is wicked,Squamish just got a cool $100,000 grant from the government for new there is another race added to the Test of Metal group of events...slated for August...tons of racing here!I did the Cheakamus Challenge and did 4th overall...15 seconds out of 3rd...getting back rolling.Are you in the BCBR for '10? It's in my backyard and some buddies here are thinking of doing it...I can sleep in my house here from stage 5 onwards...nice shots of the java!

Shaun Taylor said...

I only carry tools because everyone I would like to borrow tools from are always in front of me. ;-)

My wife is talking about doing Test of Metal and I'm already bought and paid for the BCBR in 2010. That is such a righteous mix of trail, I sometimes drift off to sleep dreaming about it. You would kill that stage race with your mad Squamish skillz.

Shaun Taylor said...

And congrats on the nice finish in the Cheakamus. I did that one way back in the day and all I can say is I finished. I really shouldn't have been doing it, I didn't have a clue.

The Squamish Dude said...

come out for the is a great race and the town really comes out for is the main focus of most of the crowd here...that and the local "toonie" series...13 xc every second week on Wed...Whistler has one as well on Thu....rad scene! I have BCBR on the brain in the solo category and will pull the trigger on it this winter...the Cheakamus was really good and positive...finally getting some legs back...hope to do better next your blog! Keep it up!

Shaun Taylor said...

If my wife does Test I will be part of the cheering section/feed zone with my two boys. It's not too often I get to give Doreen a hand-up and I think I owe her a few. ;-)

Get on that BCBR Solo train Sooooooo good!

leonsrocketcar said...

That expresso looks like the most important tool for sure, esp. now that you have snow. Raining alot here in Houston!

Shaun Taylor said...

Given the choice between walking the rest of the course with a flat because I ditched the Big Air or having espresso to go - I'll put on my walking shoes. ;-)