This morning we headed off to Butterfield Acres (really, who comes up with this stuff) for the seasonal Pumpkin Hunt/Hay Ride. Throw in a petting zoo and all is good in the land of Butterfield Acres.


Here's 'Farmer Dan' giving the briefing on how adults can't see the color orange but kids can, so any kid that sees a pumpkin has to yell out "PUMPKIN!!!" It was right about then that the dental surgery started telling me it was awake.

The boys had fun finding their pumpkins out in the small field, this is my favorite image from the day.


On the hay ride back the large hole in my jawbone informed me it was time to crawl under some blankets and hope the ibuprofen kicked in.


The boys continued to pet various other animals with Doreen while I retired back to the Pilot and pretended the nausea, aches and shivers weren't happening. Post-dental bonuses, fantastic.

When we got home I did crawl under the blankets and proceeded to moan and feel sorry for myself. I haven't been on the bike for a few days because of 'The Dental Event' and I'm starting to get irritated, hey, maybe the nausea, aches and shivering are actually withdrawal symptoms from not riding enough. Hopefully I'll be able to address that starting on Monday.