Oct 30, 2009

Halloween and fish

Neither subject is related in anyway, I'm just too lazy to create two posts.

With Halloween coming up fast, last night we carved the pumpkins. Both boys got to pull scary faces so I could copy them on to their pumpkins. It was pretty funny watching them try to pull mean and scary faces. I think they are still a few years away from scary. Here's Evan's pumpkin.


While we had the lights off, I thought I would get creative with the flash and this is what I came up with. OOooooooooo, scary.


Evan's school had their Halloween costume party yesterday and Keegan had his today. Keegan was pumped about the candy he brought back, in this image he seemed super excited about the skeleton ring but that only lasted for 10 seconds then it was back to being excited about the candy. ;-)


After school I was downstairs getting the boys to clean up their mess and figured I would blast off some images of the fish we have in the fish tank. It's a 90 gallon tank and right now we have just over 20 fish. Here's what we have in there...

Bronze Cory cat and Golden Barb


Rainbowfish and Zebra Danio


Moonlight Gourami and Gold Gourami


Well, that concludes the biology lesson for the day, aren't you glad you dropped by.