Oct 16, 2009

Imperfect day?

It's the best title I could come up with, it popped into my head after I poured this four ounce latte 30mins ago.


Why imperfect day? Well as the latte goes, the pour isn't very symmetrical and the depth of field focus isn't quite on the surface of the milk. Is that a heart above the mini-rosetta, or is it a lop-sided blob??? But in all it's imperfection it was a very good drink. Perfect for all it's imperfection.

On to other imperfection. This morning started off with a bang, a dental bang. I've had an annoying throbbing tooth on and off now for a few weeks, not so bad that I couldn't ignore it but it was letting me know it's time was coming. The throbbing was coming from the same area I had a root canal done nearly 10yrs ago, never a good sign I've learned. For the last few days the throbbing has been getting worse, to the point where I wasn't getting very good sleep, and an episode of up till 0400hrs cursing the toothache finally forced my hand so I set course for the dental office.

Just a few minutes into sitting in the chair I took this image using my iPhone as they prepared to do a Bridge. Ughh.


For those of you who haven't experienced the pleasure of a Bridge, it kind of went like this... "Dude, you're getting a Bridge". Out come the needles to numb things out, then the dentist got all medieval on me with some wicked looking tools and drills. He was going after the tooth that had the root canal done (which had posts down in to the bone to hold it in place) and then had to clear the root canals some more - goooooood tiiiiimes! Then he had go to work on the two teeth on either side of the now empty hole to reduce them in size to act as anchor points - soooooo much fun! There was blood and chunks of teeth going everywhere, I'm not kidding I saw pieces of teeth the size of peas flying into the air, unbelievable.

Once everything was prepped they fashioned a temporary bridge which is in place for the next few weeks till the bone heals and then I go in for a fitting for the replacement, then another visit for the cementing, then another... uhmmm, yeah whatever, what's it going to cost. Sit down. That would be $3100 all in. Ughh.

Payment taken care of with the front desk I then jogged out into the parking lot, hopped in the car with a non-functional face (still drooling from the numbing) and managed to pick Keegan up from preschool just 3mins behind schedule. While talking to the preschool staff I was spitting and drooling and looked like I had a stash of walnuts in my cheek, a mumbled "Dental Surgery" seemed to alleviate the concern.

Standing in the kitchen drinking my coffee several hours after 'The Dental Event' chuckling to myself as coffee drooled down my numb chin, I thought back to a time way back in the day when I got blindfolded, then had a sandbag pulled over my head so a couple of guys could get to work on me. I got two black eyes out of that one and a dislike for having my head stuck under water. The upside, the black eyes didn't cost me $3100.

For all it teeth shattering and costly imperfection 'The Dental Event' is gonna stop the throbbing headache and sleep loss. I don't get to put a tooth under my pillow to see what the tooth fairy will replace it with but I am going to get some sleep, oh yes, sleep you will be mine. An imperfect tooth replaced with a perfect solution, perfection within imperfection? Honestly, I could have done without the teeth chunks flying through the air.


peter said...

Something tells me no matter how good the coffee, you'll not be transporting to that scenario...

Shaun Taylor said...

Haha, indeed Peter, I think I'll leave that particular light switch alone for a while.

Bob said...

Sounds like something out of a former US VP's "book of approved tortures"

Shaun Taylor said...

Not sure which was worse Bob, the teeth part or the invoice. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Doreen's work insurance will cover at least $38 of that...paid out over 5 years, less $30 deductible.

Shaun Taylor said...

Haha, something like that. I'm going to go back and ask the dentist if he likes coffee. ;-)