We spent the day wandering around the downtown +15 skyway which for non-Calgarians is a bit of an oddity. Not so odd when it's minus 40 degrees Celsius. At over 16kms long and 59 bridges, it is the largest of its kind in the world.


Part of the plan for the day was to get the boys to the top of the Calgary Tower. We went with a 2 for 1 coupon for admission but when we learned the admission fee was waived, if you ate in the revolving restaurant at the top, the trip to Chinatown for salt and pepper squid was ditched.


It took some coaxing to get the rest of the family to stand on the glass panes on the observation deck that let you look right down to street level, you can see the apprehensive kid's shoes at the top of the image. ;-)


Mission accomplished, a successful "c'mon you don't have to be on there too long, just long enough for a picture". Wish I would have brought the flash to expose the gang a bit more against the bright background streaming in through the windows.


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