Oct 27, 2009

Playing with lighting

DSC_4591My Nikon SB-600 Speedlight has been having some issues. I've had it for over 3yrs and it's served me well but recently it has been randomly firing off flashes without me touching anything on the camera. It might be the flash mount that has become so loose the contacts are acting up, whatever the case it's been distracting and concerning for a while but it was particularly annoying when I was taking shots of the boys playing indoor soccer on the weekend. Standing on the sidelines with my flash blasting off for no apparent reason is enough to get stinkeye from other parents.

I use flash quite often. I can't imagine shooting without it. Since the weekend I've poured man hours into a solution to replace the SB-600, there's a bunch of ways to go regarding light but to make a long story short I went with the Nikon SB-900 Speedlight. It will offer me some advantages over the SB-600 both on and off the camera and I'll make the SB-600 a fill flash for as long as it lasts. I can fire the SB-600 with the SB-900 acting as the trigger on camera, or I can fire them both off camera using the D-200 popup.

I haven't used the SB-900 for much yet, I just shot some of the boys and some static stuff. So far I'm really impressed with what I see.


DSC_4626There's going to be a bit of a learning curve with the SB-900 so expect some weird lighting experiments while I see how far I can push it around. I've already started to experiment with the new setup, exploring the 'weird' side of things. I love this kind of stuff but I know it's not everyone's cup o' tea, so bear with me as I post the weird from time to time.

The next two images were taken with the 600 and 900 off camera, both firing along the table at different angles and power settings. I took quite a few shots to see what worked and what didn't. After the first couple of shots I made it a goal to try and light up the little rubber toys so they appeared to be glowing internally. I think the results turned out pretty well considering it was my first bit of experimentation.

Just in time for Halloween.


Glowing rubber toys. Ghoulishly fun. ;-)