Oct 4, 2009

Snow induced grimace


It snowed here on Sat and Sun. The boys hadn't seen snow in a couple of years (there isn't much of the white stuff in Texas) so out they went into the big wet flakes. It was interesting for several minutes until it started accumulating on heads and in ears and running down the back of a neck or two. As you can see by the amount of snow accumulated on Keegan's head he had reached critical mass and shortly after it was back in the house. ;-)


John F said...

It's been observed that Doreen (obviously)did not dress Keegan on the day in question.

Proof of this is in 2 boys bundled up for blizzard conditions in Texas when the first "off heat" wave passed through.

;) :)

Shaun Taylor said...

Haha, totally right John, totally right.