Watching the new 2010 course unfold over at is reminding me how much fun it was to race this years BCBR.

They have a review of this year's course via photos if you want to go to their site, I noticed my stylin' form dropping in to a steep descent at the 12:19 mark. I remember exactly where that was on the course, Dave was just behind me and for the next 30 seconds the descent just got steeper and steeper until it became a full wheel lock-up controlled surf-slide. Outrageous good times. I'm gonna embed it here.

Pretty small box right? For better quality and bigger images I suggest you watch it in High-def over at this link right here.

So this is what they have going for the new course video's at this point...

Day 0 - Team Prologue

Day 1

Day 2

BCBR's site doesn't have Day 3 video up yet as it's a new course route so it's on to Day 4 and 5...

Day 6 and 7 look like they are similar to last year's event I'll put the 2010 course vid's up when they hit BCBR's site.