Nov 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Evan


It was Evan's b-day this weekend. He got to spend it with his school pals at Let's Play. Lots of kids, lots of pizza, lots of cake, lots of fun. It turns out one of his good friends in his class has the exact same b-day, so they shared the cake spotlight. Funny.

Here's Dawson and Evan in mid-laugh, what a couple of jokers.


When they weren't laughing at each other they were telling stories.


Or eating.


Or eyeballing what everyone else was doing.


After pizza it was time to burn off more energy and have more fun.




The kids had a great time.

Keegan jumped up in the air and pumped his fist more times than I could count.

Watching kids run around a four level jungle-gym/play structure is sure to cause a laugh or two.

Time flies by... of course everyone says it will, you know it does, but it's times like this weekend when you see the concrete evidence as your six year old blows out six candles.

Hard to believe Evan is six years old.

Seven will be here in a blink of an eye.


John F said...

Happy Birthday big Evan!

That was a really cool cake you had there buddy.

Hope you have a fun year......

Shaun Taylor said...

Maybe you guys will make his next one, we meet at the border for a Evan b-day (beer) piece of cake. ;-)

John F said...


Let's find a couple of interesting "meet half way" points on the map.

Easily doable now and then.