Dec 7, 2009

BCBR 2010 Day 6

Here's the new video for the BCBR 2010 Day 6. Racing in Squamish was outrageous good times, can't wait to get more of that town next summer.

For the rest of the course you can click this link and click this link to see my blog posts from a couple of weeks ago.


The Squamish Dude said...

'hoods in the woods was built by a guy named Jim Harvey...I helped him out for a few days on it...the BCBR doesn't even take in the best trails...misses Angry Midget, Word of Mouth, Plastic Shizza, Plum Smuggler...and the course is still great...gotta love my backyard should move out here....we're still ridin' today!

Shaun Taylor said...

Yeah, I'm dyin' out here, it's -25 right now and it will probably be -30 when I crawl out of bed tomorrow morning.

It's just not right.

The Squamish Dude said...

Yeah, that's one of the things that I don't miss is the cold weatherb - miss lot's of friends...out here if it rains you just dress for it and the big trees keep you covered...we get lot's of sunny days too...this summer was perfect and even this week it's been clear each day...amazing scenery!
Hey, are you going down to Australia in 2010 to defend your 24hr title? Erin and myself are going to be down there at that time - we are going for 6 months...plan is to ride, race and chill with would be cool if you were there too...go 2/2!

Shaun Taylor said...

That's awesome, Australia for 6mths! I'm thinking about going down to defend, I know it will be full on with the Aussies as they have some great athletes down there and they will be crawling out of the woodwork - which is a good thing. If I'm going to go there I want to know it's going to be a dog fight.

If you are at the time of the event you should totally go for it, you would be a game competitor in the Elites and I hear the course is stonkin!

Hey, check out my new website:

The Squamish Dude said...

Great site! good for you...there are tons of people who could use this service...why spend all the $ on a great bike and entry fees and not be properly prepared physically, mentally and tactically?
Yeah, it will be our 3rd trip to Australia and it will be fun...we fly in about 10 days before the race...Erin is cool with it and I still have an un-used entry for the solo worlds that I got when my team placed 4th overall at the '05 TR...I'm looking into it...I'll keep in touch with you on it...maybe I'll see you out on the course after all - down under...btw - I got hooked up with Scott bikes again...rocking a Spark...stoked about it! What are you riding? Specialized? They are great too..

Shaun Taylor said...

Nice hook-up! I'm rolling a Specialized S-Works Stumpie and I really like it for All-Mountain and Marathons.

You should drop me a line, I might be able to help out a bit with your entry.