It looks like the cold spell is starting to break after multiple days of -30 degree weather. Right now we are at a balmy (almost tropical) -15 degrees and the forecast is predicting close to zero tomorrow. Being able to shovel snow AND feel your fingers is something to celebrate. With the temp starting to rise and the sun hitting the trees I grabbed these images from the front yard.



DSC_6041The boys are winding down their end of year school schedules. Keegan had a preschool play yesterday, he was playing the part of Joseph and he did a great job. No lines to memorize, he just had to solemnly (and carefully) walk into the room with Mary and stand by the manger.

Keegan managed to find the correct balance between adult-like calm professionalism with a trace of self-conscious 4yr old thrown in for good measure. It was funny to watch.

After the 10 minutes of Christmas carol singing by the kids it was a quick costume change and they all got to dig in to the baked goods that all the parents had brought. Keegan rarely gets to stand in front of a baked goods buffet and he made up for it - double fisting mini-marshmallow topped muffins and chocolate covered cookies. 30 minutes later we were at Evan's school to pick him up and Keegan was doing interval sprints from one wall to another. After countless sprints he proceeded to spin around on one spot until he fell over, then he stood up and started doing intervals again. Of course sugar had nothing to do with that, everyone knows that's an urban myth. ;-)


Evan has a kindergarten presentation on Thursday, once again the parents will be taking baked goods and since Keegan doesn't have school that day it looks like both boys will be doing sprints up and down the street. ;-)


John F said...

Social situations providing access to the"fun fuel"... I love it.

Oh well, at least there is a good nap after the whirlwind passed by. ;)