For the last few days we have been driving around the province visiting relatives in Edmonton and Red Deer and hanging out in the mountains (without the boys).

Hang out in the mountains without the boys?

Doreen's parents were kind enough to look after the boys for three days so we could head for Banff and grab three days of XC skiing. The trip was great and it was awesome to be out in the mountains putting in some hard efforts in the fresh air. Unfortunately the weatherman didn't cooperate with our schedule, as each day got consecutively colder.

Day 1 we skied out near Lake Minnewanka for a couple of hours, it was a -10 degree day which turned out to be almost tropical compared to the next two days.


Day 2 we skied around the Banff area, it got down to -18 and skiing in to the wind was a bit brisk. We split the day into two blocks of skiing so we could warm up between blocks and get some unfrozen water bottles. We hit two different trails which worked out pretty well for different scenery and the two trails let us rack up 4.5hrs of skiing.


Day 3 we skied at the Nordic Centre and it was cold, around -25 degrees cold and -25 does not fit into my definition of tropical. Anything over an hour and my face was stinging if I skied too fast. Not tropical. I got three 1hr laps in and that was enough for me.


One of the highlights of the trip...? The all you can eat sushi restaurant. ;-)


We are back with the boys now, it's 2010 in 15min and as per the tradition the boys get to stay up as late as they want on New Years Eve to ring in the new year. Keegan passed out 5mins ago, so it looks like he gets another shot next year, hahaha. Evan is still a go (but fading) and it looks like he's going to make it, his first New Year celebration. His eyes are all buggy from trying to hold on, it's funny to watch.

With only 8mins left in the year I'll end here and wish you all the best for 2010. See you next year. ;-)


John F said...

I'm with Keegan.... I only made it to 11:20. ~)

Shaun Taylor said...

Evan had you covered. The three stooges helped him make it, he laughed... a lot.

John F said...

Way to go Evan!!!!