I shot these vids on my iPhone for buddies over at the Green Coffee Buying Club. Hope you enjoy the action.


youriv said...

Fun to watch!

2 tips.

1) try to stir the espresso before pouring the milk. This create a more uniform look at the end.

2) pour from high a little longer to start of with, let the cup fill at least half full and then go down.

3) try not to go too far to the back when you start, never pour against the actual cup.

Ok, those are 3 tips. Hope it helps.

Great stuff!

Shaun Taylor said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for offering your advice, I do stir my espresso on occasion to get a more uniform surface but I'm currently in a phase where I enjoy the contrasting look (which will probably last 2-3 weeks and then I'll move on to another type of surface look).

I don't have much room to play around with the height-pour game as it's typically only 2.5oz I'm pouring, do you pour high-pours with really small milk?

I did go back too far on that pour, I was trying to watch the video and pour at the same time. ;-)


youriv said...


I always start a little high just to give it a base. with 2.5 oz milk I prefer to use a very small jug so I can pour slowly but still fast enough to get a good mix.
Think you are doing well though.


Shaun Taylor said...


I guess I'm going to have to chase down a small jug one of these days.