Evan and his kindergarten classmates put on a presentation this morning, it was their last day of school before the Christmas holidays begin. It was obvious the kids had put a lot of practice in and they were all proud to present in front of their parents.

DSC_6187Evan is really enjoying going to school each day. He likes learning and hanging out with his little pals and he always talks about his favorite teacher, Miss Feagan. He wanted me to take a picture of both of them, it turned out quite well for a quick shot.

Both boys are now off school until Jan 5th, between today and Jan 5th there are only two dates on the calendar that make their eyes bug out... Christmas Day (because they want to see if they can catch Santa sneaking around in the house) and New Year's Eve (because every year we let them stay up as late as they want, encouraging them to try and stay awake until the new year comes it but they haven't made it yet - though they try real hard).

Our plans for this year are reasonably low-key, some driving around the province to do some visiting and then hanging around the hacienda. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will get some cross-country skiing in with the boys. Speaking of XC skiing, on Jan 02 I have a day-long XC skiing coaching course and on Jan 03 I'll be coaching a bunch of kids (all around the same ages as our boys) out in the mountains for the day. Our boys will be part of the group I'm coaching so at least two kids in the group will like me. ;-)

To send you off on your merry way, here's a quick video off the iPhone this morning, along with the added bonus of my finger hovering around top left of the screen.