Dec 7, 2009

Holiday season begins


The Fluor kids Christmas party on the weekend had the boys pretty excited about seeing Santa Claus. The big hit of the day was the face painting station, the lady doing it was talented.




Later that evening we had friends over for dinner and swapping some gifts. Bob got the best gift in my opinion (a fresh batch of coffee I had roasted as an espresso blend), lucky Bob. ;-)


None of the kids got fresh roasted but they all seemed pretty happy to be tearing wrapping paper off, then ooooohing and aaaaahing once they could see what was inside.


Overall a good weekend. Now about the recent weather... it was -31 degrees celsius this morning. Seriously, that is messed up.


John F said...

-31C Hahahaha! It was a balmy -13C in Denver so take that.

They went all out on that face paint by the way. Not the normal star painted on the cheek.

Shaun Taylor said...

Good to see them breaking you in easy.

Yeah, no little butterfly's that day.

BobbyK said...

holiday season begins and hard to believe it's almost over already. those beans were all gone a week later. ;-)

Shaun Taylor said...

Better that than they sit in a freezer. ;-)