This afternoon was presenting itself as a mild and sunny day so we grabbed the XC skis and headed out to Hawk Ridge to spend a couple of hours on the tracks.


The boys did great considering it was only their second day on XC skis.

Probably the most fun for the boys was getting off the ski track and skiing in the deeper snow.


But that has consequences. ;-)


After about an hour Evan dialed in to 'I like going fast on snow' and so he turned it up a notch when he saw an older kid off in the distance, I could see he was trying to chase the kid down, oh boy.

Keegan turned it up a notch in the deeper snow.


As you can see in this last iPhone video, Evan has already figured out the rocket boosters and based on the way he dropped Keegan and Doreen I might have to get him towing me around the track next time we go out. ;-)


Bob said...

So when does the training begin, sking with an M88 on their backs?

Shaun Taylor said...

Hahaha, I'm hoping they will be able to take turns carrying me on their back in a few years. ;-)

You should drop me an email, come over for coffee over the next couple of days. Maybe tomorrow?