Both of them got a chance to make a drink for me, with a reasonable amount of help. ;-)

Kind of funny, when it came to the milk pour they were keen to pour it the way they thought it should be poured, not the way dad was trying to guide it. Still turned out some pretty good art.








John F said...

Yet another hardship for those boys to endure... It's rough these days. ;)

Shaun Taylor said...

Years from now they can look back at these images and realize why they can't enjoy the taste of Starbucks. ;-)

bobbyk said...

wow, you really are getting good with the flash, esp. the top photo. was it a fluke to get evan's left hand lit as well?

Shaun Taylor said...

Thanks Bob, no fluke on the lighting for this one. I had a flash about eight inches away from Evan's hand and pointing directly at it. Another flash off to the side for fill.

On camera settings were big DoF and high shutter to shut down the areas outside of the main flash so the image had good light focus where I wanted it.

Oh yeah, and a bit of luck. ;-)

bobbyk said...

i am impressed. well done.