Jan 18, 2010

Fermented vegetables

Ok, the Genki Foods GOLD product is a highly bio-active starter, hahaha! Only three days after I put this jar of stuff together I noticed a little bit of fluid pooled around the jar as it sat on the counter, hmmmmmm… the lid under a lot of pressure, hmmmmmm… I think I better ease that pressure off a bit.

I carefully and slowly let some of the off-gassing escape and thought things were well under control. Given the amount of fermentation sign I decided it was time to take the lid off completely to slow/stop the fermentation. I took the lid off reasonably carefully (I thought) and the sure sign that I had good fermentation going was the three big blobs of fermented vegetable blend landing on my left forearm as the contents exploded out, luckily only a 12 inch radius! Hilarious.

The good news is the veggies tastes great after only three days!!! Now the jar is in the refrigerator to slow things down a bit. ;-)

Raw ingredients (some cut coarsely, some blended): red cabbage, regular cabbage, apples, carrots, Genki Foods GOLD, orange juice.