Jan 7, 2010

The Ice Age

It's minus 25 Celsius right now with ice fog. Unbelievable, will it ever end? I went to hop on the trainer this morning and the rear tire had another flat - that's the 15th flat I've had in just under two weeks.

New rim tape, new tubes, looking for spurs or sharp edges, you name it I've tried it. I miss warm weather.

I shot this image off our back deck. If you look closely in the background, beyond the frozen trees, and the ice fog in the river valley you can see the Rockies and what I believe to be approaching icebergs as we move into a new Ice Age.


Weather like this makes me want to put the espresso machine in my pocket and walk around all day with it. Here's an image from today of a single origin shot, from the Brazil Sul de Minas batch I just got in. Deelish.



John F said...

Indoor flats... Haha. ;)

It was -7f (-21.5c) here last night so I feel your pain on a temporary basis at least.

Our weekend will be warmer as the cold snaps ebb and flow around here.

The good old bubble did have it's weather together, when it comes to temperature anyway.

Shaun Taylor said...

Roasting in the garage in a t-shirt at this time of year... yup Texas had some weather upside.

It's supposed to be +4 Celsius tomorrow.