Jan 11, 2010

XC skiing at Pocaterra

DSC_6581We headed out to Pocaterra on Sunday morning so the boys could ski with their club - the Rocky Mountain Jackrabbit Ski Club.

Pocaterra is part of the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, it is a good starting point to hit the surrounding ski trail system. There are several hours worth of XC trail available and when you are finished you can hang out in the wood stove heated cabin next to the parking lot and tell stories about how super-fast you were skiing.

This was the boys second outing with the club and realistically only their third time on ski's, they seem to be getting the hang of things already. Luckily the weather snapped out of the Siberian-like temps we got beaten up with during the last couple of weeks, and Sunday turned out to be a mild -2 degrees with sun.

Klaus, Scott and I are sharing the coaching responsibilities for 'The Bunnies' group. As you can see here, Klaus and Scott are putting part of the group through the wringer, I think they had just got up from doing some knuckle pushups, or maybe they were just trying to touch their ski tips together. ;-)

With approx 10 kids in the group, you get to see some pretty funny stuff. I think that's Ana in the middle, 3yr olds always have something interesting to say. I'm not sure if Klaus is laughing or looking for dimes in the snow.


Here's some of the crew coming back from a Heffalump hunt.


While I was coaching, Doreen got out on a 2hr skate ski. After the coaching session I grabbed a lazy 45min XC ski, wanting to save my legs to jump on the trainer when we got home. When we got out of the big mountains and back into cellphone range my iPhone got buzzed with some incoming text messages, one was an invite from the K-clan for dinner at their place. So we went straight from the mountains to their house, nice. Bob put on the chicken burgers and trimmings then we headed down into the basement where he proceeded to whup me three in a row at ping-pong. I think he's cheating, using an illegal paddle or illegal stance or something, and I'm not sure why he insists on putting on that 1980's cotton headband with matching cotton wrist bands - and they've all got matching ping pong logo's?

I pretend I have to go to the bathroom when he starts doing his pre-game stretching routine to Flashdance.

I'm coming for you Bob, prepare for defeat, here's my new ping-pong coach.


BobbyK said...

that is hilarious! i'll swap lessons with you: table tennis for pulling shots! that clip is entertaining. didn't we have a rally like that?

Shaun Taylor said...

Haha, every rally felt like that... you schoolin' me. Didn't you stand on the table one time and kick the paddle out of my hand as you thunderbolted a ping pong ball at my left eyebrow? ;-)