We headed out to do some more XC skiing at Peter Lougheed, Klaus and I coaching the group and me occasionally trying to grab some images.

For those of you who don't know, this is 'Old Man's Beard' or at least that's what we used to call it when we were kids. Living in the Rockies and heading out to hunt rabbits or ptarmigan in winter with a couple of buddies could get pretty chilly so we always took matches and a can of beans or an apple for lunch. We would start a small fire in a snowpit with the Old Man's Beard and small twigs, before you know it the beans would be bubbling in the can and the apples cooking nicely on the end of sharpened sticks. A good way of life for a 13yr old. Maybe I'll teach the boys how to do that next time we are out in the middle of nowhere.


Keegan is now in the habit of descending small tracked hills in a crouched quasi-telemark position. It's funny to watch...


But it's even funnier to watch it coming towards you.


After a couple of hours of XC skiing you'll never hear "No thanks" to a mug of hot chocolate. ;-)