Mar 19, 2010

Day 6 in Kona

We've been busy over the last couple of days. Lots of riding and beach time. As pointed out in the last post, Evan and Keegan have been getting on to the Ukulele, here's a musical treat for the ears... ;-)

Generally this is how the last couple of days have unfolded... after we've eaten copious amounts of fresh fruit breakfast, Doreen heads out for a ride. I do a pourover of the home-roasted coffee I brought while the boys change into snorkel-mode. Then it's off to the water.

Once Doreen gets back from her ride we hang out some more, then it's lunch and shortly after I'm off to get in some riding. The routine got adjusted yesterday when I hooked up with Grant from Bike Works to do a long mtb ride up into the mountains above Kona. The plan was for 6hrs of riding...

You might have noticed (in the sideways video) where Grant mentions something about the clouds doing weird things up at 8000', yes they certainly were. Only 15mins into our ride and we were already getting hammered with rain, it just got colder and windier from that point on. Only 2hrs in to the ride and I couldn't feel my hands, that's always a good sign that things are getting interesting.

We did get a brief spell of almost warm weather about 4.5hrs in when I captured this video.

After being teased by thawing temps for 5mins, we started riding off the mountain only to bump into thick fog which stripped away our navigation ability. Grant knows the mountain quite well but with the fog as thick as it was and the terrain as tricky as it is, unmarked trails and no map, we spent the next 3hrs trying to get off the mountain. Luckily, Grant and I are both experienced riders or it would have been bad news.

8hrs and 40mins later we got back to Grant's car, remember that part about going for a 6hr ride. After some hard riding and a fair amount of hike a bike up and over foggy cinder cones it was good to be back to our start point.

Grant gave me a ride down to his house then I pounded it back down in to Kona. By now I was fairly hungry having only taken 6hrs of fuel for the ride, so first thing on the agenda was a stop at Hayashi's for a spicy ahi bowl (so good) and a 'to go' order for Doreen.


The ride back to the hotel from Hayashi's felt a lot longer than 6 miles but that was a small price to pay for a great day up in the mountains.