Mar 30, 2010

Evan's ninja roll

Evan's standup Muay Thai is starting to look better (for a 6yr old) so I told him if he could do a good jab/cross/elbow/knee combination I would teach him something new. Sure enough he banged out a solid 4 and when I asked him what he wanted to learn he said "Show me some ninja stuff".

I sent him upstairs to get into black gear and then decided to start him off with a front roll.

Not too bad for about 10 practice rolls. I figured I'd leave his finishing stance straight up in a tight defence rather than get into the whole "actually, you should be much lower and...".

So then he wanted to try something harder. Sure why not, let's start with a ninja blade behind your back and then straight into a forward roll. He watched me do it once, then mimicked my movements in his first attempt.

Not too bad for his first try. His roll technique needs some work but he likes doing that kind of stuff so it'll be fun for him to clean it up. In a weeks time he's starting Capoeira for one night a week, which is right up his alley I think. If he doesn't like it we can always go back to 'ninja time', hahaha.

For all the concerned grandparents out there, that's not a live blade, it's a piece of Lego. I was going to go with a banana but we didn't have any left, which is too bad as it would have amused my Monty Python sense of humor. And for the record, I'm not training Evan to be an international assassin but looking into the future I don't think it will be a good idea to try and stuff him in a school locker when he's 14. ;-)