Mar 16, 2010

Kaloko Road

I got nearly 4hrs of riding yesterday, most of it was climbing a variety of hills in the area. Here's a little iPhone clip showing the effects of dehydration and 17% hill grades. ;-)

The riding wasn't crazy hard, just relentless. For sure I'm going to go back to do some more climbing in that area, probably today again. The Fire XC Pro 2.1 knobbie up front makes things so much fun I'm not sure if I should ride up the mountain on the road or in the grass. ;-)

Lance liked it enough that he did the same climbing click here.

In the clip I called it Kaloki but it's actually Kaloko Road, oops I'm such a newbie tourist.


I got back in to Kona just before 1600hrs and went straight to Hayashi's to meet Doreen and the boys. Killer sushi for $5.00, come on, really? It's true, go to Hayashi's and get the Ninja Star Roll... spicy ahi, avocado and shrimp tempura = awesome. In the shot below I'm eating the Big Island Roll, not as good as the Ninja, so I had to go back for more. You can order your own custom roll so the next batch was ahi, unagi and fish eggs. One serving of their sushi is typically enough but having burned close to 3000 calories I was a bit hungry, so ding, ding, round two.


We spent the rest of the day wandering around Kona to get the boys a t-shirt and I bought a 1.5mm Hyperflex 50/50 Poly Fleece & Neoprene Long Sleeve Top so I don't have to shiver like a chihuahua while I'm snorkeling with the boys. As I was riding the 6 miles back to the hotel Doreen bought the boys a Ukulele, apparently they are also going to do a couple of Ukulele lessons while we are here, that's going to make for some funny iPhone footage.

Speaking of snorkeling, we just finished breakfast, I'm brewing a pourover of some Ethiopian Chelfit I roasted up before we flew and then it's down to the ocean to see if we can float with some more Sea Turtles.