Mar 21, 2010

Kona coffee

Riding bikes and drinking coffee... ahhhh... does it get any better? Five years ago if you would have told me I would be pounding up the hills above Kona on a mountain bike for a few hours then detouring over to a coffee farm to do a cupping, I would have laughed. But that's what I did today. It was a good day.

A nod from Dave at GCBC got me an email convo with Miguel Meza, the roastmaster at Hula Daddy. Unfortunately Miguel is in Central America at the moment but he said to drop by and do a cupping and that's exactly what I did.

After being welcomed, I wandered down and got up close with the cherries.

Then I hopped in to a four cup spread. All four were Hula Daddy coffee products; 1) Kona Sweet, 2) 100% Fancy (medium roast), 3) Private Reserve, 4) Espresso Blend.

While watching the video above it might seem like I was a bit hard on the Fancy and Private Reserve, that's only because they sat next to two other coffee that really stoked my interest. The Kona Sweet and Espresso Blend were winners in my opinion, really, really good.

So once I stripped out the Fancy and Private Reserve so I could focus on the Kona Sweet and Espresso Blend, I concluded with this...

Kona Sweet = awesome.

All good coffee should be followed by a manual town hall clock winding session. That's right, Hula Daddy refurbished a really cool old town hall clock from Perth, Ontario (way back in the 90's I stood in front of that clock tower in Perth, Ontario) and they installed it in their main building. It's a super cool feature in a really nice feeling retail space.

After ensuring the island's largest timepiece was going to run well, I chatted a bit more with the gang at Hula Daddy until it was time to hop on the bike and speed down Pulani to hook-up with Doreen and the boys at the Farmer's Market. We went to Rapanui Island Cafe for dinner (great choice) and then the boys were up for the shave ice scene.

I grabbed some Kava on the ride back to the hotel. The boys played some ukulele before they went to bed and now it's a glass of red wine while smiling about a great day in Kona.


HawaiianIsles said...

love the videos.

btw, that's the biggest shave ice I've ever seen.