Mar 17, 2010

Stir and repeat

Weather = great.

Breakfast = fresh tropical fruit.

Doreen = out for a good ride.

The boys and I = snorkeling/goofing in the water till Doreen gets back.

Doreen gets back = I'm off to hit Kaloko Road again.

Once up Hina Lani it was on to Kaloko.

At the top I was a bit fuzzy, probably a combination of a decent effort, cold temps, and the crazy tropical rain storm that hit me once I was above the cloud forest. Riding through the clouds with visibility of 10 feet and torrential rain, while pounding on the bike was interesting to say the least.

Riding down off the mountain was a fine balance between trying to retain core temps doing 40MPH trying to get down to warmer elevations as soon as possible, and applying the brakes to minimize the wind chill (and make sure my hands were still working). Good times. ;-)

I got down into Kona just in time to see the boys finishing up their Ukulele lessons with 'Uncle Poncho', a local Ukulele Jedi master. From there we wandered off to a local hole in the wall restaurant, just around the corner from Hayashi's, with decent food at a bargain price.

We hung in town until early evening, as the sun started to set I jumped on the bike and rode back to the hotel, while Doreen and the boys jumped on the trolley and got back shortly after me. The rest of the evening was spent with Evan and Keegan demonstrating their new found Ukulele skillzzzz, luckily they were soon ready for bed. ;-)


John F said...

Snorkeling with giant sea turtles, riding in elevation every day, playing with the boys under the palm trees, $5 Ninja Star rolls....

It's a shame your vacation isn't working out so good but better luck next time. ;-

Shaun Taylor said...

Vacation is sooooooo over-rated. ;-)