Saturday I grabbed my rental bike at Bike Works and while swapping some parts around I got to talking with Grant the owner. It turns out some of the locals were going to be doing some trail work on some nearby singletrack the following day, I volunteered to go out and give a hand. At 0645hrs I started the 6mile ride from our hotel towards Kona, to meet Jeff in the Safeway parking lot for 0800hrs.

I got to the Safeway with lots of time to spare, and sat on a wall to look out at the ocean. Soon enough, Jeff arrived and we threw my bike in the back of his truck and off we went to the trailhead.

We cleared out rocks, roots and brush, smoothed out the flow and generally did hard labor until noon. The trail work left a real nice singletrack section with tight twists and some good technical features; overall not easy cruising stuff that's for sure, but still fun for anyone riding it.

After I slammed back a couple of Organic Food Bars, Grant and I hopped on the bikes and went for a couple of hours of fun. Grant's buddy, Garry, gave us a quick shuttle up to approx 5000', after a "Thanks Garry" we dove into the dirt. There's some really good singletrack up in the mountains, Grant has it dialed after 20yrs of hitting the local trails. He lead pretty much all the way and it's always a pleasure to ride behind someone who chooses good lines through technical stuff. Speaking of technical, it's a mix of protruding lava rock, roots, short steep pitches and logs. Kind of like a Kona-style spin on BCBR-like west coast riding... with associated huge tropical ferns and trees. Jurassic Park mtb style = sweet riding.

We bombed around at a pretty good pace, eventually descending down onto the singletrack section we had spent the morning clearing up. Being the first two to hit the new trail, bedding in the work we had done, was really satisfying. Ripping down that virgin trail work was so nice, hitting fresh dirt and rolling over sections where I remembered removing lava rock and root just a few hours prior was very cool. As I chased Grant down the flow lines and left the terrain behind me I knew my trail labor would remain behind also, leaving an indelible mark on the trail system. Digging up rocks and roots on our vacation was a small price to pay for the satisfaction I gained today.

A great day on the dirt!