Mar 19, 2010

Ukulele's and sunset's

I went up into the hills above Kona for an hour this afternoon. Nothing like burying the legs deeper into the pain cave after nearly 9hrs yesterday. ;-)

I hurried back down to Kona to hook-up with Doreen and the boys who were hanging out with 'Poncho Man' to do a little Ukulele lesson. That guy has got a lot of character, he was really good with the boys.

After the ukulele improvement zone we stopped in at Bongo Ben's for an ahi sandwich, tasty! Shortly after dinner the family hopped on to the trolley heading for the hotel, while I proceeded to chase a roadie up the highway. ;-)

Back at the hotel the kids grabbed ice cream for the beach and we headed off to watch an Hawaiian sunset, nota bad way to end the day as a kid.

Thinking of ways to move here, I came up with a coconut juice company. If Doreen can come up with something better then maybe we can eat ice cream on the beach for the rest of the year.